Are you looking for a Goldendoodle or Standard Poodle puppy? Congratulations, you have chosen a breed that is remarkable!  Goldendoodles and Poodles are very affectionate and intelligent dogs. Also, they are very social, enjoy family time, love children and get along great with other pets too!

Standard Poodles are one of the most easy breeds to train.  They are very intelligent, playful, and athletic.  Because they have a hypoallergenic coat, they are perfect for many families. (A fun tip on poodles is that you can have them groomed to be all fancy and noble looking or you can let them stay shaggy and keep a goldendoodle cut).

What makes Goldendoodles so amazing is where they originated from. This unique line comes from the best of two breeds.  They gain their beautiful coat quality and their high intelligence from the Poodle.  Then when you combine the loyalty, obedience and unending love of the Golden Retriever, you have the amazing Goldendoodle!

Contact us today about reserving your next amazing Goldendoodle or Poodle Puppy!  They will bring you an unconditional love and joy for you or your family for many years to come!

All of our lines are genetically tested through Paw Print Genetics and Embark and are clear of any genetic issues, nor are they carriers of any.  All of our puppies have a health guarantee to cover any unforeseen genetic issue that may arise.

What makes us different?  Our moms and dads raised in our home as pets.  We are very particular with our bloodlines.  Also, we breed what we have owned.  We decided to go into this business after we became owners of a Goldendoodle.  Then upon the raising of our Standard Poodles knowing their amazing intelligence and 100% hypoallergenic coats, we decided to make this breed available as well!

All of our Standard Poodles are AKC registered, health guaranteed and absolutely AMAZING! 

We are a home based breeder located in Boiling Springs, SC offering service to our home state of SC and our neighboring southeast states for our families who drive to get their companion.  We are conveniently located close to two major airports.  GSP-Greenville Spartanburg and CLT-Charlotte.  We do not ship puppies, but families are welcome to fly in to get their puppies.  

Enjoy your time here!  This is where we will be sharing lots of news and updates on our current and future litters as well as updates on the parents as well!  Also be sure to like us on Facebook as well so you can see all of the live videos of our litters!