What’s a Girl to do on Her Last Free Weekend?

What’s a girl to do on her last free weekend?!?!?….play outside with her friends and enjoy lots of treats!!!  We made sure Piper had a fun afternoon outside playing. Once she has the puppies next weekend, it will be a while before she is comfortable leaving them for more than a few minutes at a time.   In the beginning, it will be just long enough to potty and come right back in.

It was such a beautiful fall day out, that we decided to get the good camera out to take some pictures of her and the rest of our pack.   They don’t seem to mind it too much.  She and the rest of the pack were heavily rewarded with treats (yes, we do bribe them to get them to sit still for pictures, lol).  She loves the outdoors and enjoyed every minute of taking in the sunshine and hanging out with her pals.

Isn’t she pretty?
Girls day out!  (Piper said excuse her hair, she is going to the spa next week to have a fresh groom before the babies come).
Charleigh had a fresh grooming on Friday, but yes, she has already been playing in the dirt.


It was hard to get this cutie pie to sit still…and yes, she will be going to the groomer as soon as she has her last shot (we want to see those beautiful eyes)!
We tried to get a group picture with Mr. Lance in it, but he wanted to play fetch more….yes, he looks tired, right?


We hope you and your family are having a great weekend.  More updates to come soon, so stay tuned!

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