What a Surprise!

Well, what can I say.  Today was supposed to be Piper’s original due date!  However, her puppies came already this week!  Yes, at 1:08 am on Tuesday Morning, Candy and I were awaken out of sleep to hear the strangest sound.

As Candy began to ask me, “What is that sound?  Do you hear that?” I began to hear it as well.  As I began to look around for the lamp switch I began to see something moving around on the bed.  I turned on the lamp and then to my amazement, a little cream puppy!  I said in a most confused and excited voice, “She has had a puppy!”  Candy grabbed the puppy and I said to Piper, “Let’s go to your box girl!”

Off we go to the just completed puppy room and Piper and I climb into the birthing box and delivery begins.  So for the next several hours, I am assisting Piper with her delivery.  After we had an x-ray done the other week, I knew there was going to be at least 10 puppies.  So the exciting part about the delivery is you finally get to see what colors and sexes you have!  Well, we checked the first puppy that was born on our bed and it was a girl!  So, now with each puppy that is being born, I am checking what the sex is.  Each puppy that was being born was to our surprise another girl!  So as the number continues to grow, Candy and I are wondering, where are the boys?

We were double and triple checking each puppy to make sure we had not missed anything.  And sure enough, we had been correct.  All girls so far, all the way through number 8.  At this point we were both thinking, could we possible have an all girl litter?  What are the odds of having a litter of 10 puppies and all of them girls?

So as number 9 was on the way, it seemed to be a little more laborious for Piper, so I told Candy, I bet this one will be a boy.  Sure enough, number 9 was our first boy!  Now the question was, is there any more?  I knew there was at least one more puppy to come and maybe a surprise also.  So number 10 is born and what do you know, another little girl!

I must say this delivery went very fast for Piper with number 10 being born around 4:00am Tuesday morning.  So 10 Goldendoodle puppies in 3 hours, not too bad.  Needless to say, this has been a very tiring week for me.  I have been working from home since delivery this week and taking care of all the dogs.  So with 10 puppies, one protective mom and 4 other dogs that want to help, I have stayed pretty busy but I would not give anything for it.

This is why we breed these dogs, because of our love for them.  Goldendoodles are truly an amazing dog!  Be sure to check out the Current Litter page that has an ongoing photo gallery of this litter.  At the time of this post, we have several black females available.  If you have been waiting to see them to make your decision now is the time.  Also we did a Facebook live video last night showing each puppy’s face up close that is available on the Current Litter page as well as our Facebook site. I have attached a few pics for you to see of the pups and the rest of our pack.

Have a great weekend!


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