Puppy Playpen It Is!

Well, it is time to begin the transition for the puppies.  They are now three weeks old and they are almost ready to move out of the whelping box and into their new development area.  It is amazing how much this litter has grown over the last three weeks!  They are now walking around, sitting up, interacting with each other and us as well.  So the next step for them will be their new interactive area that I will be constructing.

The new area will still be in the puppy room, but with a new twist.  I will be constructing a new area for them that will allow much more space for them to move around, play, potty train and sleep as well.  The new area will be an 8′ x 8′ pen that will be constructed of PVC.  Why would I use PVC?  It is great to work with, easy to clean, take apart and use for many litters to come.  Also the PVC will never were out for our purpose.

So I had to order some materials and do some planning this week.  I am making the pen out of 3/4″ PVC pipe and various fittings.  The pen will have PVC spindles that will be spaced close enough together that there will be no risk of any escapes.  Last year with our litter, we had several of the puppies that mastered escaping their area and venturing out on their own.  Well, there will be no climbing out of this pen area.

I have included some progress pictures thus far in the process.  I will be posting additional updates this week as I complete the area and we move the puppies into their new space.  So be sure to stay tuned and see the completed project!

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