How many Goldendoodle Puppies do you see?

Hey everyone!  Kevin here with a quick post for an update on our current Goldendoodle litter that is due to arrive anytime between November 10-12.  We made our day 53 trip to see Dr. Tom yesterday to get Piper her x-ray and see how many puppies she has.  Well it is still kind of a surprise!  As you can see in the attached picture of the x-ray, there are lots of little skulls, spines and cute little leg bones everywhere!  Dr. Tom said he knew for sure that he could confirm between 8 to 9 puppies but said there could be one or two more hiding in there somewhere.

So we did what all expecting people do, we started studying the picture ourselves.  We had some fun with it last night and posted the picture on our Facebook page and let people guess how many puppies they could see?  We got a lot of great guesses!  After we have studied this picture, I am pretty sure I can definitely count 10 puppies in there!

So what about you?  How many puppies do you see?  I can tell you for sure, that there is only one who definitely knows for sure and that is God!  Well, Piper may have some idea but we will not know for sure until they arrive!  This is getting exciting and we are getting the puppy room ready this weekend for Piper to begin her nesting so she will be ready when they come!  Be sure to submit any guesses you may have on number of puppies in the picture in your comments below!


Goldendoodle Puppies

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