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Are you looking for a Goldendoodle puppy? Congratulations, you have chosen a breed that is remarkable! A Goldendoodle is a very affectionate and intelligent dog. Also, they are very social, enjoy family time, love children and get along great with other pets too!

What makes this breed so amazing is where they originated from. This unique line comes from the best of two breeds.  They gain their beautiful coat quality and their high intelligence from the Poodle.  Then when you combine the loyalty, obedience and unending love of the Golden Retriever, you have the amazing Goldendoodle!

Contact us today about reserving your next amazing Goldendoodle Puppy!  They will bring you an unconditional love and joy for you or your family for many years to come!

All of our lines are genetically tested through Paw Print Genetics and are clear of any genetic issues, nor are they carriers of any.  All of our puppies have a health guarantee to cover any unforeseen genetic issue that may arise.

What makes us different?  Our moms are raised in our home as pets.  Our dads are raised as pets and are bred exclusively with Southernly Sweet Doodles.  We are very particular with our bloodlines.  Also, we breed what we have owned.  We decided to go into this business after we became owners of a Goldendoodle.  

We are a home based breeder located in Boiling Springs, SC offering service to our home state of SC and our neighboring southeast states for our families who drive to get their companion.  We are conveniently located close to two major airports.  GSP-Greenville Spartanburg and CLT-Charlotte.  We do not ship puppies, but families are welcome to fly in to get their puppies.  Below are some testimonials from previous customers for you to see and we also have a 5 star rating on Google and Facebook!

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Adopting the boys from Southernly Sweet Goldendoodles was a great experience. Candace was so wonderful in answering questions, and welcomed us in her home. Which I might add was a beautiful, clean, loving, and safe environment for these wonderful babies. She always made sure to send daily pictures and videos so we could watch our babies grow until it was time for them to go home. We were even able to come visit the babies. My two boys just turned one. They are sweeter and more adorable than I could have ever hoped for. Even their vet makes comments about what perfect puppies they are. Their temperament is amazing, and they are great with children and babies. They are HIGHLY intelligent. They can be taught and retain new commands within 5 minutes. If you are looking for a golden doodle, and have done your research, I would suggest search no further. Thank you Mayfield family!!!!! – Christina T.

I love Southernly Sweet Doodles so much!! I got my sweet Halsey from their first litter and she has been such a blessing. She is very smart, loving, good with strangers and children, and is just an all around great companion. – Morgan F.

“Walter” is my boy. We are strongly bonded and go everywhere together.  He is a great traveler! He’s absolutely the cutest thing ever and has the personality to match.  Everyone who meets him falls instantly in love.  We truly do love our doodle-bug and can’t imagine life without him.  Good luck with the new litter, if their owners are half as happy with their new pup as we are with ours…they’ll be lucky!! – Lori J.

We got one of Piper and Halston’s puppies last year for our daughters birthday. Sophie is so sweet, smart and cute! Highly recommend Southernly Sweet Doodles for anyone looking for a puppy! – Ann B.